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If your pets dies...

In home

Your pets were a member of a memorable family who everyone.
Please cherish last time at home.

1.Let's secure a cool place to keep sunlight away so that corruption will not proceed.

2.Please lay it the inside of a box, or lay it on large towel, or on cloth etc.

●As body fluids may come out of their body, spread a pet sheet, thick towels etc. under their face and body, and please let their lay. (We recommend a thing like a pet sheet.)

3.Please chill the whole body keep aiceing ice etc put in a plastic bag.

●Please cool down especially around their stomach. (We will not recommend dry ice because the body will freeze)

4.Prepare their favorite food, flowers, you will be able to give it at cremation.

●Please show us favorite items such as toys to our staff and consult. (In principle, plastics, stuffed animals, irons can not be cremated)

5.Please contact us.

●Like no regrets because it is the last farewell for them at home...
Make a reservation of cremation
Please arrange for the cremation day according to the convenient date.

1.Please contact us. Toll free 0120-055940

2.Please decide the cremation method on the phone.

3.We will arrange for bringing or picking up(We go to your home to receive). (method which a pet come to here)

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